Monday, April 27, 2009

new seedlings

I think I have some clues as to why some of my radishes are not fully developing. If you look closely at the picture you'll notice that the outer parts are dry and they slope inward towards the center which is nice and moist. I need to make sure the soil is level all the way across and I remember I didn't rake my box before planting. I just patted the soil down with my hands. Another live and learn example.
So using the above mini greenhouse I've started more seedlings(three days ago):
3 black krim tomatos
3 chives
6 butterhead lettuces
6 nasturtiums
6 swiss chard
6 cosmos
6 peaches and cream hollyhocks
6 cleomes
6 leaf lettuces
6 morning glories

I really like this jiffy pellet system because of the ease of use and how neat they are. I tend to be quite messy when I use the multi-cell containers and dirt system and plus I start my seedlings in a room in the house that is not meant to handle dirt and water. I quickly vacuum and wipe any dirt/water that may fall on the hardwood floor.

I think my butterhead lettuce are coming along beautifully. There always seems to be a runt lagging behind, but I've learned not to give up on them because eventually they grow to full size and go on to contributing to an enjoyable meal. What I'm learning is that gardening teaches good lessons about life.

I've planted some cascading petunias, alysiums and climbing black-eyed susans. The latter are in a bit of a shock since I didn't harden them and the fluctuating temperatures. I do cover them at night for frost protection. I think they will do just fine.

Eighteen more days till my last frost day of May 15th arrives. My garden window is bursting at its seams with two feet tall tomato plants and more. I may even have some tomatoes growing on them even before I plant them outside. The flowers are opening up and I'm just waiting till they are completely open so I can begin pollinating them.


  1. Daisy you are truely inspiring!! Great work on the garden!!

  2. Thank you freeman and thanks for stopping by.