Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coldframe in progress

I was having some doubts as to the size of this's so large, but as you will see further down, I filled every inch of it.

Since we didn't dabble in carpentry till we started gardening, our tool collection had been very minimal. So as I mentioned before we borrowed a circular saw and we did manage to get the wood cut without getting injured, but we couldn't figure out why the saw would kick back or not finish cutting the wood completely. We had a friend do the diagonal cut on his table saw and he mentioned that it helps to have a sharp blade. That's when we realized we had been using a dull one. Live and learn.

Coldframe with unfinished lid. It still needs the hinges, chicken wire, plastic and lid propper.
I was happy this morning when I realized I could shelter my plants from the wind in my unfinished coldframe.
I'm considering painting the box with sealant to extend the life since it wasn't built using redwood or cedar....I think it was pine. When I'm done with the box for the season, I can easily take it apart and store flat.
Cost of box $60.
Hubby making the lid.


  1. Nice job! Looking forward to seeing more photos as you fill it up.


  2. So much nicer than the bed of my pickup or where my plants now reside, on the patio table draped in plastic.

    I love power tools.