Friday, February 3, 2012

Stuff and Such

"Elvas" Amaryllis

Here is my attempt at layering my honeysuckle vine.  I made a hole in the bottom side and ran a honeysuckle branch throught it. I removed the leaves from the branch that would be touching the soil and then I added potting soil.  I haven't been watering it as I should since it is on the side of the house.  We'll see if this works.  I have two of these.

More Sweet Peas to plant.

I wasn't able to soak the peas so I decided to nick them with sharp scissors.  Here is what it looks like with part of its shell missing.  Please ignore my soiled nails.  Macro lens,"They show all the dirt!" ;-)

I wanted to clean the glass before taking the picture but I would have lost the moment.
Niko is wanting out and Coco is wanting in. I haven't been taking Niko out to the greenhouse because the other day she escaped.  So I had Niko on my finger and we're walking to the greenhouse and she has one of her want-to-fly spasms and  takes off.  Over the neighbors fence and off she went.  I could hear her screaming in distress as she was flying.  I ran to the front yard and down the street.  I found her a block away on someones front lawn, screaming and disortientated.  She's had the tast of freedom and has been trying to escape ever since.  I wish I could give her her freedom, but she wouldn't survive out there.

I started these other seedlings and more to come.

My shelves are getting packed with seedlings and I'm running out of room. Oh, and I still need to make room for summer veggies.

Notice how clean my workbench appears thanks to the shelves(garage sale find) I installed on the left side. 

The thermostat will make it alot easier to control the temperature in the greenhouse which I'm planning to use only when I start my warm season veggies, since I no longer will be starting them in the house.  I need to mount it on a piece of wood first then to the greenhouse.  I'll do this another day since it will take thought to decide where to place it.

The milkhouse heater will be plugged into the thermostat. I'm glad I won't need to do any hardwiring.

My daughter and I went for a bike ride and we watched the geese sunbath.
Till next time.
Happy Gardening!