Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring update


  • I wish I could tell you what types of carrots I’m holding here but my daughter seems to have misplaced the package.  I keep all of my seeds in a shoe box and recently she’s decided that she wants to have her own seed box.  So she went through all the seeds and took half of them and made her own packages.  She was so excited  I  couldn’t  say no but let’s just say there’s alot of unidentified seeds at the bottom of my box and  hers. She’s a gardener in the making.


I soaked my peas in some water diluted with inoculant for about for about 24hrs.  Most of the peas sprouted.



Peas about 2 inches in the ground. BTW these are the bush type that don’t need support.


This little guy standing between my wall o’ waters is one of my regulars.  He doesn’t go for the seeds like the other guys, he’s more of a “worm” guy.  I don’t mind sharing my garden worms with them anymore, as long as they leave some for my dirt.


This is my daughters spaghetti squash living in the wall o' water.  The temperatures having been dropping to freezing and we’ve had lots of rain, snow and 60mph winds and this little guy is doing just great.   I am now a believer in wall o’ waters. The wall o’ waters in the previous pics(the red ones), I’ve sowed some tomatoes seeds, but they haven’t come up yet…not surprising.  I much prefer to  start them indoors and transfer them outside as soon as I can so they can develop a better root system.

4-1-10 002 

We decided to make some garden labels out of rocks.  There’s my daughter’s artwork.  I think she did a pretty good job.

4-1-10 003

4-1-10 005 

I’ve always wanted a concord grape vine… I think they produce the best tasting grapes.  So when I saw  these small vines at a local hardware store, I decided to take a bite.  The vine is a one year old vine but they grow rather quickly and I get a great sense of satisfaction when I nurture something and watch it flourish.  I keep it snuggled under a glass pitcher and so far the little bud it has has been growing.

4-1-10 007

That is all for today. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!