Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 I was really bummed out that I would have to wait till fall to start enjoying my newly found hyacinth vases. And so when I found some at my local garden store, I had new found hope.  And so I came home and took it out of its pot and placed it in the vase. A couple of weeks went by and I noticed the roots getting translucent and no sign of growth from the bulb itself...and it started to stink.  The bulb rotted.  I learned a lesson.
My daughter painted this birdhouse and so it has a new home in the garden.  I don't think any birds will be taking residence in it...and it they do, it won't be till winter.

My thriftstore find...painted and braced to the house. Stock flowers are living there now.

I started this rhubarb plant from seed last spring but it didn't have much of a life then because I planted it and forgot to connect it to the irrigation system.  I thought it was gone for good....and to my pleasant surprise, I discovered it  growing this spring.  Welcome! 

My seedless concord grape is growing in the greenhouse and as you can see, I need to trim all the dead leaves.

These are red-winged blackbirds and they are watching me as I stand near the kitchen window.  As soon as I walk away they fly to the birdfeeder on my window.

My Amaryllis bloomed for the second time.  The blooms were prettier the second time around.

Stock flowers in my windowbox.