Thursday, December 22, 2011

Euro Tree, Paperwhites, Amaryllis, and Lake Tahoe

My Euro Tree purchased from Trader Joes.  It is so pretty.  It looks like a mini topiary.  I would love for it to grow and grace my front porch with its beauty.

I planted my "Elvas" amaryllis last week and I'm anxiouly waiting for signs of growth.  It is to early still.

"Elvas" Amaryllis

My paperwhites.  I wasn't thinking clearly when I purchased these.  They had already started to grow in a curved manner when I found them in the box at the garden shop.  I should have purchased ones that hadn't had any growth on them.

They look like "claws"

Beautiful Lake Tahoe on a Saturday evening.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our new greenhouse

Thank you Julie for inspiring to pickup my blogging.  Though I had stopped blogging and had given up hope of starting again due to embarrassement of blog abandonment.  I have put those feelings aside and here I am.  I will share some exciting changes that occurred in my gardening life in 2011. Here goes.  Hope you enjoy.

We removed the lawn from around the garden boxes and cleared the area for the greenhouse.

My greenhouse arrived!

Almost done!

We layed some wood chips around the boxes.  Thank goodness  because it was so much work to mow around them.



Hope you've enjoyed the quick tour.  The next pictures that I share were taken in the spring of this year. 

P.S.  My introduction picture is too big.  Does anyone know how to reduce its size?