Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on Paperwhites, Amaryllis and my Thrift store find.

My Paperwhites have flowered.  They are a beauty.


I really like these paperwhites because they're not really tall.  I've had some in the past that were so tall they would fall over...a real mess.  I'm glad I overcame my apprehension of trying them again.  I've read that you can add vodka (1:10 solution) to the water and it helps to keep them from getting too tall. 

No sign of growth from my "Elvas" amaryllis.  I've been careful not to overwater so the bulb doesn't rot and the bulb feels firm and it has a green color.  Hmmm...patience!

My thriftstore find.  It started out as an old ugly brown stained stool that you would never think about bringing home, but here it is in its new glory...naked.  I still haven't figured out whether I want to stain it or paint it.  What I like about it is that it has a lazy susan type seat and I can twirl around from one side to the other.  It will come in handy when I place a bench on the other side of the greenhouse.

The four rows on the left have sprouting spanish onion seedlings and the three rows on the right have leeks. So much for my little flag labels...they melted right off with the the high moisture level.  My seed starting box is housed in a heated propagater seen below which I think helps them when the temp drops below freezing.

 Last night the temperature dropped down to three degrees outside and the inside of the greenhouse went down to 20 degrees.  Not bad for an unheated greenhouse with no extra insulation.  This spring I will be turning on the heater when I start my warm season vegetables


  1. Hi Daisy! Thanks for leaving me that sweet comment. I'm now your newest follower...love that you have a greenhouse too! To answer your question, I shoot with a Canon PowerShotSX20 IS that just has a fixed lens. Your pics are beautiful...especially Lake Tahoe in the evening. ~Lili

  2. Hi Lili!,
    Nice to meet you and thank you.
    I like your greenhouse too. That is such a nice touch you gave it with the designs at the top and the chandeliers. It looks very Victorian...when did you say you are having tea time? :)Daisy