Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Snow and more

My garden received about 1inch of snow in less than one hour. My heart sank when I saw the snow; it's like I'm afraid of loosing what I've put so much love into. I know I have to get over this feeling, because I know there will be many times when I won't be successful. I'm hoping this will be our last storm of the spring.
The thin polyester fabric amazingly enough did manage to keep my crops from freezing. I am convinced that it does work. It felt much warmer under the cloth when I stuck my hand underneath,
but for the 50mph winds that we're expecting tonight with 20 degree temp , I felt I had to go one step further to protect what I have. I purchased a roll of 3.5 mil plastic from the hardware store and placed it over the garden with the pvc pipes in place.

My new covers. Much nicer than those old sheets. As you can see the snow didn't last very long, it quickly melted.

My wheatgrass is ready for juicing.

I am convinced that a cold frame would make my life much easier as far as sheltering my seedlings from the weather and for hardening off my plants. While I was at Home depot today, I decided to price out the cost of all the materials for a cold frame. I thought I was going to have to walk around a lot, which I knew I wouldn't be able to do in one visit. This nice man came to my rescue. I gave him the list of the materials and we went to the contractor services desk. He searched for all the materials on the computer and printed out a merchandise list and summary which includes the price...then he told me that he could have it all ready for me tomorrow morning. All I have to do is pay over the phone and drive up and pickup my merchandise. Sweet:), That will save so much time. The man told me that this contractor service is always available. I thought I'd share the knowledge.

I am looking forward to sharing some pictures of the building of my cold frame. I'm using the plans from Bob Thomson.


  1. I have a feeling Mr. H will be open to the idea of a coldframe or small greenhouse next year, since I'm tying up his pickup for up to three weeks by using the truck bed! Although, with the weather the way it has been this year, maybe it would be a good idea to just build my entire garden in the bed of the pickup and drive it in/out/around to warm sunny areas!

  2. Yes, I also envision you with a coldframe, greenhouse or a second truck with a makeshift greenhouse in the bed of the truck by next year.