Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching up

I have a slight feeling of guilt for not having blogged recently. This must be a common sentiment when we don't report on our blog as often as we feel we should.

Today I uncovered one of my garden boxes which I keep continuously covered and I inspected all that I have. I'm so happy with the progress. I stepped back and I admired the little bit that I do have and how healthy it looks so far. I'm tempted to keep the cover off so that we can enjoy the look of the garden becoming dense and green but I'm more interested in keeping it bug-free.

My coldframe is mostly done. I need to trim the extra plastic around the edges, and connect/ drill holes on the stick that will prop open the box. For now a regular stick will do. The one thing I am not happy about are the eyelet system holding the box together. They were difficult to place evenly and the dowels are very difficult to slide in and are temporarily held in place with some slim bamboo sticks(flimsy). We will try pushing in the dowels or maybe get smaller ones, which would still leave the system loose. In the end we may just use screws to hold the box together. I don't have any plans on storing my box and am planning on keeping it out year round.

One more thing. My vining tomatoes are very tall. Due to the lack of strong direct light they have gotten quite lanky. The window does face west, so it gets sun for part of the day although not the full 6 to 8 hours required and it has been cloudy for a while. I think I may start my tomatoes a little later next year or make the shelf spacing taller so that I can accommodate my tall tomato plants under the lights. ...ahh the challenges of gardening in a short garden season area...only 90 days long.

Now for some pictures:

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