Friday, May 22, 2009

Soil test and more

Yesterday I tested my soil with a soil kit. It was a little tricky trying to decide where my samples fell as far as the colors on the comparison chart. I called the cooperative extension and they suggested a soil test they perform for $10dollars and it takes about a week or so to get the results. They weren't confident with the accuracy of the home soil tests. Well, now I know. For the most part the soil was adequate on all except the nitrogen. It came out as deficient which explains why the bottom older leaves on my kale, tomatoes, eggplant and such are yellow. I do have homemade compost and most of it is in small lumps(it don't think the plants are going to be able to absorb the nutrition it needs from them). I fed them miracle grow vegetable fertilizer about four days ago and I believe they quickly absorbed it but the soil is still deficient. I also sprinkled some worm castings around the plants, but I don't have enough to really work it in the soil. I think I will head over to the nursery and pick up some bloodmeal and mix it in the dirt around the plants. This fall, I will be mixing in some major compost, leaves and some manure in the soil.

What do you, my fellow bloggers, as a fertilizer maintenance do(if anything) to keep your plants adequately nourished?
Thank you

I have some more pictures to share:

The pole beans are surfacing. I can't wait till they start to trail up the trellis.

Above are some bush beans.

Some corn.

Radishes, breakfast variety.

If you look closely at the beet greens, there are yellow/orange vines growing up the the stems. What is anomaly? Does anybody know?


  1. The only fertilizer that ends up in my garden is from compost, rabbit doo, and grass clippings. I've never had any kind of nutrient problem that I've noticed. I planted corn last year, never fertilized them and they grew 8 feet tall.

  2. PS..the yellow orange vines is an interesting thing but not something you want in your garden!!!

    It's actually a parisitic plant and will TAKE OVER EVERYTHING. (I forget the name of it though....but I have had to fight it in past gardens) You need to pull up the plants it is on, as any little piece will keep going.

  3. P.s. again....

    The vine is called Dodder.

  4. Thank you for the information Nickie. Now that I know what it's called I can do more research on this parasitic Dodder. I will go pull it out.

    You must have some really rich soil. I'll have to work on mine so that one day I can get to where you are at. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Ms. Daisy,

    Your garden is lovely. Do you do any fertilizer tea? Just stuck my peppers and tomatoes in the ground today. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Girlfriends rule.