Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally...warm season plantings

Yesterday was the day I had long awaited for. I planted all my warm weather crops. I planted seven tomato plants, two of which have little tomatoes growing on them. I did lose one had previous bent over and the stalk became somewhat damaged but what finally brought it to it's death was when I bent it again to plant it on its side. It didn't tolerate the bend(it cracked open and within minutes it was completely wilted. Luckily I had a back up.
I also planted three pepper plants and three eggplants

I also sowed some corn, bush and pole beans. I placed the beans in a small bowl of water with some inoculant and placed it in the sun for about an hour. The skin of the beans wrinkled and one even started to sprout. I also placed more inoculant in the hole that I planted them in.

I finally(for the first time) harvested some beautiful radishes. I was beginning to think I didn't have the green thumb I thought I had. So my spirits were lifted when I was able to bring plump radishes to the dinner table. They were all impressed, including my very picky daughter which took a bite and didn't make any funny faces like she does.

We also enjoyed our first butterhead lettuce(tom thumb) of the season. It was crisp, delicious and bitterness whatsoever. I wish I had planted more of them...I look forward to plenty more in the fall. I will stop by the nursery and see if I can find some come-again-lettuce to get us thru the summer.

Here are some pictures:

Last night I harvested our first butterhead(tom thumb)lettuce. Quite the delicacy. I will definitely plant more of those in the fall. They were crisp, fresh and no bitterness. I wish I had planted more of them. Tonight we will enjoy the kale for dinner.

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