Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet Max

This is Max, our budgie, and every morning I take him out for some sunshine while I work on my garden. Max loves to play with his toys and sing. We've been trying to teach him to talk, but so far he hasn't learned. Just so you know we don't keep him locked up all day. While he's indoors his door is always open. He comes and goes as he pleases and spends time between his cage, gym or the fish bowl(he loves to sit on the ledge). Poor fish, I think Max tortures him, although Max isn't after the fish, he just loves to pull on the plants in the's a challenge for him.

Mostly tomato plants and some pepper plants too.

These are how many plants I cart in and out of the house twice a day. I'm counting down on the day that I can plant them in the ground-May 15, one more week. I was thinking about getting some wall-o-waters, but my plants are too tall and they wouldn't be protected from frost completely.

The plants hardening off in the coldframe. I do have to throw extra plastic over the frame to provide extra protection from the sun. They wilt with just the 4mm plastic the coldframe has to offer.

When my daughter comes home from school, we'll plant petunias in the flower boxes, start some corn, pole beans, okra and sunflower seedlings and we'll plant our cilantro and dill in the garden.

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