Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Garden Highlights

The temperature has been in the mid 90s for the last couple of days. So I've been visiting my garden when I can bear it-morning and evening. I spend more time on my front porch(shaded from the afternoon sun) so I thought I'd share a picture of my avocado tree that I have there. I started it from an avocado pit about a year and 1/2 ago. The brown leaves were earned last year when I was hardening it next to a got sun scorched. The rest of the leaves look quite healthy. I'm already starting to think ahead as far as a suitable home for this plant It will definitely require a much warmer climate...California. I can picture myself driving it to southern Cal. to gift it to my aunt when we visit her. I don't know if it will be capable of bearing fruit one day, hopefully it will. It was fun growing it though. The progress of my seed started petunias. They look like they are bursting at the seams and will be cascading down the sides pretty soon.

Swiss chard. The bottom leaves are starting to yellow. I gave them a drink of high nitrogen fertilizer that I usually use for my lawn. Next time I will use vegetable fertilizer. Below the chard is my tom thumb lettuce. Next to them I sowed some Summer Bibb and many other varieties of salad mixes. I'm looking forward to them.
My tomato plants. The bottom leaves are a bit pale in color. I stopped fertilizing about a month before planting. I thought I wouldn't fertilize them to discourage them from getting root bound in the pot, but all it did was turn the plants pale in color. I have about twenty small tomatoes growing on these four plants.

My little herb garden. In the foreground I have two small oregano plants that I started indoors.
To the left chamomile...planted last fall. In the background, chives, from a friend. Thank you Larry!

Today we will be planting corn purchased from a nursery. Yes, I did plant some corn seeds, but I'm just going to plant the corn plants there and if the corn seeds sprout I'll just pull them out and plant them in the spot I now have my peas in or elsewhere.


  1. Daisy,

    I love the pot with the petunias. Everything is coming along nicely.