Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Great Gardening Resources

I'd like to mention some of the great local gardening resources we have here in Reno that have helped me get on my way to gardening.

The University of Nevada Reno Cooperative extension is a great place to start. Located on Mill street. You can stop by and they will answer all your questions and even provide you with tons of information on gardening in our area. The individuals working in the horticultural department are graduates of the master gardening program and are required to volunteer so many hours serving the community, and answering phones at the cooperative extension. So don't be shy, if you have any questions, just pick up the phone and ask for the horticulture department and they will steer you in the right direction. Oh one more thing I'd like to mention is their annual sale of plants and seedlings. I've never gone but I've heard it's a sale($1&2 dollar plants) that many in the community line up early in the morning for and it is usually done Saturday mornings once a year. So call them up and ask them about the date. Hopefully they haven't had it already this year and if they've had it already, well you can go next year.

The next place I'd like to mention is the Washoe County Library. I love this place. You can stop by any of their branches and look in their gardening section. What I like to do is visit their website and let my fingers do the walking. From their website you can look up books available from all their branches, put them on hold( and it doesn't matter which branch they are at)and pick them up at the branch that you designate.

Also don't forget some of our local used books such as the Paperback Exchange and Zephyr. Just do a search for used bookstores in Reno. You'll get a list of them. Oh and don't forget to call them first, it'll save you a trip if they don't have any gardening books... and I don't think I need to mention the national chain bookstores.

The next place I like to turn to for gardening items is Craigslist. I love this classified service. I've found many great items at such great prices. All of the gardening items that I've acquired from Craigslist were from individuals that were moving... and the items were in good condition. So make sure you look under farm& garden and garage sales.

Well, I think I've divulged most of my gardening resources. Oh, wait. I just want to mention my favorite catalog for gardening items...The Gardeners Supply Company. They sell some really nice gardening items and their website has some useful articles on gardening. Of course they promote their items in these articles but I just love looking at their bright colorful pictures.

As far as gardening, I have some peas soaking in water with some inoculant and molasses ready for planting. I think I will do that tomorrow. I will plant them in the shady box next to the fence.

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