Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Cold Night

I just looked at my seedlings. The radishes have pop up and so have the broccoli. It's really exciting but on the same note I'm a little discouraged by the weather. Today it will drop to about 26 degrees. I don't have plastic to drape over my box so I just grabbed some old sheets and draped them over the the boxes and fastened them with clothes pins and rocks. I hope this works. Next year I'll either plant my cold weather crops a couple of weeks later or I'm not sure. You're probably wondering why I would be so worried about the cold weather crops, they're supposed to be sweeter when they are exposed to cold weather. Well I've discovered that my seedlings are a little yellow and I believe its from the frost, because I've have been fertilizing and I don't think it's from lack of nitrogen.
I've been dreaming of a greenhouse. Oh I want one so badly. I've found one that I would love to have. It's made by gardener supply company. It's a 4by 6(tiny, yes) and it double insulated with 6mil poly carbonate walls. I've read that the 4 mils are not insulated enough for this type of region(cold region) otherwise I would just purchase one from harbor freight for under $300.
What do you think? Any suggestions?

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