Friday, March 20, 2009

Building of a Garden

Here is my first box, 3by8 ft and 16 inches high. The location was a total mistake. I believe it gets about 3 hrs of direct sunlight. I'll have to use it to grow greens in there since moving it is out of the question. I did recently plant some potatoes in there against my better judgement. We'll see what happens I may just end up pulling them out and replanting them in bags.

Presenting my new square garden. Inspired my Mel Bartholomew. I found one of his first books on squarefoot gardening at the Paperback exchange. His books are a great source of information on raised bed gardening. Each squarefoot area in the boxes turned out to be 11.5 square inches. I don't think the guy at the hardware store did a very accurate job at cutting the wood or I just didn't build them right. We placed weed block cloth down and this allows the water to drain but keeps the weeds out. I hope it works. Pulling the lawn out was going to be too much time and work. We did the best we could trying to align them but some of the sides of the boxes were longer and the lawn was not very level.

We purchased one yard of double mix from Oxburrow($26dollars and $30 for delivery.) 2 bags($4.99each) of manure compost and a 3.8c.u ft bag of peat moss. We over payed for the peat moss. We bought it at Moana Nursery for $25 and we just saw the same size bag at Homedepot for 7.99 just recently. It's too late to return it. I need to remember to shop around.

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