Saturday, February 20, 2010

Left overs from Fall

Last fall I planted some cool season vegetables for my fall garden and they never really got to full size, I know I started them too late(late August)....and so by the time winter came around I also didn't bother covering them with a hoop. I thought the wind would probably blow the plastic away(we get 80mph winds) why bother, I thought. After so many snow storms I went outside to assess the damage....and most of the greens were dead.... brown...goners...and so I left them in their grave yard for a couple of months(It was much to cold for me to deal with them at the time)...and then I started seeing some growth. I was really excited about that.
So I cleaned off all the dead stuff and debris and covered two of the boxes with plastic....and here are some pics:

Here is one of my lolla rosas. It's still growing. The spinach in the background doesn't look good and I was thinking about leaving them in so that I may collect the seeds but then again, you want to collect seeds from healthy looking plants. So next time I get out there...they'll be gone.

The swiss chard in the background have perked up and look really good. I can't wait to taste them. They should have a nice salty flavor thanks to the cold temperatures.
The beets are also thriving...some of the roots are almost two inches across.

A picture of a tree that produces baby pinecones. I love to collect them. I like to place them in decorative bowls for the winter.

This picture is of the Fairytale Town garden across from the Sacramento Zoo. The kale in the background box are like little trees. When I first saw the vegetables in the boxes, I thought they were fake b/c they looked so vibrant in color. My daughter was mom... they are real.

That is all for today and thank you for stopping by. Till next time.

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