Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Out in the country

Today we spent the day in the country....beautiful Nevada country. Along the way we saw curious deer that seemed to think we were interesting....they raced along our vehicle for awhile before leaping across our path. Somehow I was expecting that to happen and we were ready for it. No collisions or derailments occurred and we managed to make it our friend's ranch.
At our friends 100acre ranch the kids fed the chickens, mingled with the horses, rode the quad around the property and stopped by the creek to catch tadpoles and watched lizards do push-ups(part of their breathing process)....such a beautiful place. We had a fabulous lunch. Our friend made delicious spinach casserole. I'm sure she used the eggs from her very own chickens. I kept going back for more. In the end I was delighted to be gifted a bag of composted horse manure and ashes for the garden. Oh the things that make me happy these days.

The roosters in the pictures have no tails. Plucked out by the "females"...chickens. I thought that was interesting. I felt sorry for them. I thought they looked funny with their bottoms exposed.
Along the way we stopped by a wild horse adoption center. So many beautiful horses and colts available.

We arrived home hungry and tired. I thought it would be nice to have some soup. I needed some beans and I didn't have any canned ones. So I took out the pressure cooker and cooked a mixture of garbanzo, black and pinto beans for about 35 minutes. Then I added some kale from the garden, some pasta and seasonings. Ahh...my favorite soup.

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